Anna Johnston

Digital Marketing Assistant at Angus Council


University - University of Aberdeen

Qualification - MSc Marketing Management

Job hunting experience - I applied for a number of roles and received a couple of job offers. I decided to go for the role with Angus Council as it was not only a full time job but seemed like a fantastic learning opportunity within a supportive team.

Role and Responsibilities My initial role was to support website redevelopment projects for golf and tourism destination marketing campaigns. However within a couple of weeks, my role expanded into social media, copywriting, market research and offline marketing activity. I worked in partnership with colleagues across the council and local businesses to help grow key industries in Angus.

Being part of a small team was a great opportunity to put forward my recommendations and try out new ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed gaining practical skills in developing marketing strategies, updating websites and managing social media accounts. This was a fantastic opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained through university studies into a work environment.

Where are you now? - I have recently secured a position as a Project Officer within the Student Recruitment team at the University of Aberdeen. I learned a huge amount through my internship with Angus Council and I would highly recommend an Adopt an Intern position to any recent graduate/student. I have no doubt that the knowledge I gained at the council will stand me in good stead going forward into my career.

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Anna Johnston
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Digital Marketing Assistant at Angus Council
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