Opportunities you will not find anywhere else.

A ‘returner’ is simply somebody re-entering the job market after a substantial break, whether it be for raising children, illness, care duties or any number of factors that may make it difficult to reignite a career.

We've been supporting returners to refresh their careers after a break since 2010. Our exclusive opportunities are the perfect way to revitalise your career, or even start a new one, with employers who understand your needs.

We offer opportunities to kick-start your career and/or support you out of unemployment and underemployment. There are no age limits and our criteria is simple – we’re looking to help you build experience in your chosen field in real graduate-level positions. 

Lots of returners tell us that they have found the idea of getting back to work intimidating. Our staff are on hand to handle returner enquiries and help you regain your confidence, highlight your skills, and find you a flexible opportunity that you can prove yourself in.

Diversity, inclusion and opportunity are at the core of our values, and our returners prove that technology and terminology may change, but aptitude and attitude do not.

Supporting women in work from Glasgow to Gambia.

Award-winning startups join Adopt an Intern project to support women returners.

In The News:

Scottish supermodel Eunice Olumide opens up about racism

In The News:

Supermodel Eunice Olumide champions return-to-work drive to help minority women in Scotland

Back To Work Women Returner Workshops 2018

Looking for a new opportunity after a career break?

Back To Work

Are you looking to restart your career after a break? 

AAI receives Scottish Government funding to support women returners

"We’re pleased to be allocated this additional funding to open up possibilities for BME women returners, who prove that technology and terminology may change, but aptitude and attitude do not."

Returner Profile - Anna McBurney

"I knew all I needed was a foot in the door of somewhere that could recognise my potential in spite of my age, qualification and gap in my employment history." 

Returnships – the Who, What and the Why?

The term ‘returnship’ has been bandied around a lot at the moment. There are websites, blogs and government propositions popping up all over the place heralding the arrival of the ‘returnship’, but what exactly does it mean, and why is it so important now?

AAI CEO Joy Lewis elaborates;

Returner Profile - Sheila Roussel

"The positions through AAI really helped to build my confidence in my new career. Not only did the internships give me access to the practical side of these businesses, which was invaluable, but also gave me access to a network of industry professionals and customers that I would have found...

Returner Profile - Alison Jones

"The opportunity gave me an insight into the world of economic development in Scotland, and bypassed the catch 22 of “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” in the job market." 

Returner Profile - Sarah Hunter-Argyle

"Adopt an Intern recognises that there are people out there who have the skills and commitment to succeed, but require a hand to boost them back onto the career ladder."

Returner Profile - Isobel M

"I'm not sure I'd have gotten the job without being in the internship. It also gave me the confidence that I would be able to handle a full-time job."

Returner Profile: Brian Vass

"It can be difficult to get started in a new career when you don't already have a lot of experience in previous roles, and I found AAI to be a perfect way to gain experience and make new connections."


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