Business Development Manager

Drink Baotic




Location: Glasgow
£8.75 per hour
Full- or part-time for 12 weeks with the potential for extension
Start date: Immediate

About the Company

Drink Baotic is a brand developed by Hippo and Hedgehog Ltd, and was co-founded in 2016 by Isatou Njai and Paul Blackler through their shared love of The Gambia, Africa, and the world. Since its foundation, the Drink Baotic co-founders have been accepted as 'chicklets' into the Glasgow hatchery of Entrepreneurial Spark which has enabled their growth so far.

Their mission is to share the vibrancy of Africa through Healthy, Happy, and Helpful innovation! Isatou and Paul met in The Gambia in 2008, and have since supported entrepreneurial female co-operatives to develop agricultural businesses to improve income, health, and nutrition. They are committed to offering 10% of Drink Baotic profits for the continuation of these projects.

Drink Baotic uses African ingredients to tailor drinks to suit UK taste preferences. Their first product is a dairy free, high fibre, prebiotic drink made from the African Baobab, a highly unique and naturally dry super-fruit. The Baobab tree, from where the fruit comes from, is referred to as the tree of life, or the upside down tree. The tree and its fruit have a strong place in Gambian tradition and represent strength and wisdom - indeed it was home to Rafiki, the wise old monkey in Disney's Lion King!

For more information see our website.

The Role

Drink Baotic are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic returner to join their team as a Business Development Manager. Your role will focus around direct support in developing the business and the market launch of the new product.

The specific tasks for the role will grow around your skill-set and interests, but these will include:baotic_transparent_2.png
• Marketing and social media development
• Supporting content creation; blogs, images, videos, email campaigns
• Researching and developing retailer and distributor sales channels
• Relationship building for strategic partnerships
• Preparing/support hosting commercial and trade events
• Developing educational packs, PDF guides, and other marketing material


Drink Baotic are open to receiving applications from all backgrounds with no requirement for specific qualification or degree. It is essential that you are enthusiastic and have a passion for the Baotic product and brand.

Ideal requirements include:
• Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal skills
• Confidence in using standard office software to create and develop content
• Experience in one or more areas of business development, marketing and/or sales would be advantageous
• Ability to work in a team as well as independently
• Eagerness to learn within the job
• Entrepreneurial mind-set to work in a developing business
• Creative problem solving


Please submit a CV and covering letter through the Adopt An Intern online application form here.

State A) your availability and B) relevant information on your skills/experience pertaining to the job specifications. We do NOT accept email applications unless otherwise stated.

Successful candidates must, by the start of the employment, have permission to work in the UK.


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