Ellis Parker

Account Executive with Everything4Rugby

University - University of Strathclyde


Qualification - Marketing with International Study

Job hunting experience - I was finding it quite difficult to get that first step up on the career ladder if I'm honest! Trying to find Marketing roles that don't require experience is not easy: that's why I was so pleased to be offered my internship with Everything4Rugby through Adopt an Intern.

Roles and responsibilities - Given the start-up nature of the company: I was given a lot of responsibility right away. I was accountable for developing the rugby 7s market - a completely new market for the company. This involved making initial contact with key members of organisational committees via email and over the phone; and arranging meetings with them to explain the great ethos behind the company and how we could work together. I was also involved in the creation; sending and following-up of quotes for team-wear that were sent to clubs and tournament organisers.

Because of my Marketing degree and the fact 7s was a new market; I was able to be involved in the creative process for designing new marketing materials to send to clients and for the 7s section of the website.

I also ran a Twitter account dedicated to rugby 7s so I could keep in touch with partner tournament organisers and help promote the clubs and their tournaments and was responsible for supportive administrative business tasks.

Where are you now? - Unfortunately, the company were not able to keep me on after my initial internship period due to funding issues. However, I absolutely loved my time at E4R - I learned so much in the short time I was there and despite the risks, would definitely recommend working for a start-up company to recent graduates.

I am currently working as a Bid Co-ordinator with a Facilities Management company which involves an element of Marketing but I would love to have a role within a Marketing Department. Adopt an Intern have been so helpful with my job search and were really supportive during the recruitment process; after I secured my internship; and even now that it is over which I am extremely grateful for.


Ellis Parker
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Account Executive with Everything4Rugby
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