Good Interns with AnywhereWorks

Location: Edinburgh office, and home-based
£9.00 per hour
40 hours per week for 3 months
Immediate start
Closing date: 18 March 2019, 12 noon

About the Company

Business as usual isn’t working. It is getting hot in here, the ice caps are melting, the money and opportunity are stuck in Silicon Valley, many people are disinvited and disincluded from participating. The world’s current model of work involves too much commuting, polluting and is not sustainable for people, planet or more equal purpose.

The AnywhereWorks mission is simple: to change how the world works, by helping people work anywhere.

FULL Creative is a foundry for new ideas - AnywhereWorks being a major one. Over twenty years, they’ve evolved from being a long-distance carrier based in their founder’s garage into a provider of diverse products and services with a mission to change how the world works.

Working from a foundational belief that ideas aren’t bound by place & time and that implementation shouldn’t be either, the organisation builds software & services that empower people to communicate, collaborate, and produce their work anywhere.

With bases in the US, India, and Scotland, their business model is one of collaborative curiosity, rethinking the way businesses operate so they can be improved for people, planet, and profit.

Learn more about the company here.


The Role

The organisation seeks Good Interns: people who care. Business and tech are tools that could be used for good or ill – AnywhereWorks want folks working and thinking toward the net good side of that dichotomy.

As a Good Intern, you will receive a general all-round experience within the company to explore a wide range of departments – they have designers, developers, misfits, enthusiasts from here, there and Anywhere. The company work and collaborate to try and find a product market fit and to help the world work differently.

The team are not perfect in every way, they value learn-it-alls over know-it-alls, so perfect people need not apply for this role. The team is looking for interns to help them think differently and connect people and businesses to customers in more human ways.

If this role speaks to you, let’s talk and see what’s possible.
Help us move the world to working Anywhere.

As this is an internship programme that is genuinely interested in your development and growth, there will be plenty of emphasis placed on generating creative ideas between you, your fellow interns and the wider product and marketing teams at AnywhereWorks.

You will work 2 days in the office in central Edinburgh and the remainder of your hours from home.


AnywhereWorks require great all-rounders from any background. They are not interested in people from a specific discipline nor looking for someone to fill a specific role. The most important trait in the right candidates will be someone who truly wants to help achieve the mission in helping the world work Anywhere.

Apply if you are someone who has tech chops, pixel skills, is great at telling stories or just someone who is willing to think differently and fail frequently.

The secret to happiness is low expectations. You will likely fail if you apply and fail if you get the role. AnywhereWorks are used to failing and made of failures. Feel free to fail, just don’t fail to try.

Space is limited. Time is Limited, too. Seriously.

Your Skills:

• Excellent organisational skills.
• Excellent written and verbal communication.
• A strong team player.
• Can work under pressure to tight deadlines.

Interest and knowledge of the following would be beneficial:

Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot 
Crazy Ones 
• Elizabeth Kolbert
• Carol Dweck
• Famous Patent Clerks
• 42

To successfully work from home your system needs to meet some minimum requirements:

• You should have a high-speed Internet connection, such as Cable/Fios. By high-speed, we mean a download speed of at least 2 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1.5 Mbps.
• DSL is allowed, just not DSL Satellite.
• The nuts and bolts: working speakers, screen resolution of at least 1280x800, 2.0 GHz processor(or higher), 2GB or more of system memory (RAM), and Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and 8.
• Two monitors come in handy, but one will do!

At AnywhereWorks, employees are trusted to work hard and to a high standard, so you will need to be able to show initiative and self-motivation, and the self-awareness to see how your personal working style is best utilised for the greatest potential in a distributed working environment.

As for much of time you will be working remotely, you will be happy and confident about reaching out to others and sharing ideas in a team and for those ideas to be collaboratively critiqued so that only the best are taken forward.

If you have any questions about this role or the organisation please contact Please do not under any circumstances contact the employer directly as doing so may negatively impact your employment opportunity.



Closing date for applications is 18 March 2019, 12 noon.

To apply submit a CV and brief covering letter using the Adopt an Intern online application form on our website. All applications must be submitted by noon on the closing date. State A) your availability and B) relevant information on your skills/experience pertaining to the job spec and C) any live web links to written work that demonstrate your ability and approach to online communication.

We do NOT accept e-mail applications unless otherwise stated.

Successful candidates must, by the start of the employment, have permission to work in the UK.



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