Graduate Stories

Ryan Archibald

Software Developer, Cognitive Geology

William Russell

Market Service Owner, Diageo

Marie Montondo

Communications and Executive Assistant Intern, Young Academy Scotland 

Allan Gray

Programmes Co-ordinator, Newbold Trust

Julie McElroy

Research Intern, NVT Group

Keir McCluskey Intern Story

Marketing Intern, Cycle Hack

Adrienne Murphy

Marketing Intern, DiaryDoll

Paul McMillan

Earth Hour Intern, WWF Scotland

Naomi Rayner

Executive Team Intern, Morton Fraser LLP


Anca Johnstone

Consulting Intern, MainStreet Consulting

Adopt an Intern's First Ever Intern Tells His Story

Adopt an Intern’s first placement speaks ahead of inaugural awards.

Ahead of the inaugural Adopt an Intern Awards on 30 April 2015, Iain McDonald, the organisation’s first intern placement, has told of his experience of graduating from university and his subsequent search for employment.

Iain McDonald

Copywriter Intern, Young Company Finance 

Kristin Mason

Communications and CSR Intern, LifeScan Scotland

Daniella Dei

Volunteer Placement and Coordinator Intern, Glasgow Museums

Ivelina Georgieva

Communications and Media Intern, Snook

Heather Pomphrett

Digital Communications Intern, Adopt an Intern 

Intern Story: Why Interning Is My New First Choice

When I graduated from university in summer 2012 I was filled with excitement, shadowed by a hint of dread. With my degree behind me I was ready to start that big graduate job everyone talked about. Well, that was the theory at least. The reality wasn’t quite so easy.

Jackie Farr

Communications Intern, Mary's Meals