PR Internship with Don’t Cry Wolf

Location: Covent Garden, London
£10.50 per hour
Full-time for 12 weeks (potential for permanent)
Immediate start
Closing date: 22 May 2019, 12 noon

About the Company

“Don’t Cry Wolf was created to cut through all the PR bullshit.

We exist to help brands communicate honestly and build affinity with their audiences; because people trust people who tell the truth. We also want to have a net positive impact on our local community and work with organisations that are truly making a difference to people’s lives, that’s why we’re a registered B Corp.

At the heart of Don’t Cry Wolf is the truth. A total dedication to honesty, straight-talking and clear direction. Telling the truth has become lost in a media and marketing world that’s thrived on bending reality and alternative facts. This integrity is not just something we wax lyrical about and ignore. It runs through our creative campaigns, our ballsy strategies, our 5pm emails, our 6am video calls.

Being honest can sometimes be tough. It’s easier to sell a welcome lie than an unwelcome fact. In the long run, it’s always the best option. We passionately believe that if honesty is at the heart of every bit of communication our clients put out to the wider world, then audience affinity will quickly follow suit.

People trust people who tell the truth.
It’s simple in principle, tough in execution.
But if it was easy to execute, everyone would be doing it.
And that wouldn’t make for a very distinctive philosophy now would it?”

Learn more about this tenacious organisation here.

The Role

Don’t Cry Wolf has been growing responsibly, doing great work and making sure that they have a positive impact on the world around us.

But now, they need some help.

Don’t Cry Wolf is looking for a smart, talented and ambitious Intern to support their press office through a variety of tasks around administration, communications and understanding how a press office works.

As Don’t Cry Wolf’s Intern, your responsibilities will include:

• Helping with office administration
• Shadowing the consumer account director in her role
• Understand how a press office works
• Developing press lists
• Working closely with the team to understand how to pitch to the media
• Writing press content
• Writing social media content

Don’t Cry Wolf will invest in your personal and professional ambitions. That means coaching, support in your interests and side hustles, training and a career path that’s forged for you rather than conforming to industry norms.


No degree is necessary for this role, however, Don’t Cry Wolf is looking for someone with a passion for writing and communicating. Excellent communication in your writing and the ability to communicate with anyone honestly and with heart is essential. You will also have a keen interest in the news agenda and the media landscape.

Essential skills:
• An excellent communicator, both written and verbal
• Demonstratable creative writing skills
• Impeccable grammar and spelling in your writing
• A strong passion for writing and communicating
• Experience writing press and social media content
• Works well by themselves and in a team
• Proactive learner
• Excellent time management skills

What makes a perfect person?

No idea.

Don’t Cry Wolf are not after perfection. They’re looking for people with an insatiable desire to do the right thing. They should be prepared for hard graft with bags of autonomy. Humour, honesty and courage are not just desirable, in the words of Don't Cry Wolf: "they’re bloody essential character traits".

Anyone wishing to join the team will need to demonstrate that they share an understanding and affinity with the following, which are Don’t Cry Wolf’s 4 core values:

1. Vulnerability - We firmly believe that it's ok to be vulnerable. To seek help. To say I don't know.
2. Accountability - But with vulnerability comes accountability. Each of our teams are accountable for their work, their learning and their progress. We don't care where you work or how you achieve an objective. So long as it's honest, you are accountable for it and you are transparent about reaching it. So, in short, it's expected to ask for help, but once given it's expected that action is taking.
3. Passion for good. We are an environmentally and socially conscious B Corp organisation. We want to do good things with good people.
4. Humour - We are a tight family that love each others' quirks and enjoy each others' odd sense of humour. We also understand that this is PR not ER. So a sense of perspective when things go wrong and an understanding that this is a very small part of life is key to success.

If you have any questions about this role or the organisation please contact Please do not under any circumstances contact the employer directly as doing so may negatively impact your employment opportunity.


Closing date for applications is 22 May 2019, 12 noon.

Please submit a CV and tailored Cover Letter through the Adopt An Intern online application form by clicking “Apply” on our website. All applications must be submitted by 12 noon on the closing date. In your Cover Letter, please state: A) your availability and B) relevant information on your skills/experience pertaining to the job specifications. We do NOT accept email applications unless otherwise stated.

Successful candidates must, by the start of the employment, have permission to work in the UK.